The history of this division can be traced back to the metal stamping unit in Soode Group in Nagano Japan, a specialist in metal stamping technology with combined strength of profound understanding of metal stamping technology and immaculate management skill. This division has been a reliable partner for many world class ODM enterprises.

Our stamping division has its own machining facilities to ensure quick repair or modification of our customers tooling, in case needed. Our stamping division has been a reliable partner for many electronics industries for their parts made of thin sheet of stainless steel, other steel, or softer copper based metal. However, we are also serving several automotive industries using thicker metal sheets with complex 3 Dimensional shapes. 


Our plastic injection division has been a reputable high-precision plastic component manufacture even before consolidated into PT. Padma Soode Indonesia. With extensive experience, expertise, and advanced equipment, this division has been serving may worl-class brand-owners for their precision plastic part supply.

Supported by our own mold making division, we strive to minimize disruption to our customers enjoyed sustained stable supply of their precision plastics part needs, and therefore, more and more items are entrusted to us. 


Our fastest growing division the precision metal machining division. This division has gained the trust of many multinational electronic and automotive brand-owner principals.

We believe that strong management combined with good percision CNC lathes and other supporting machines tools would enable us to satisfy our customer need of precision-machined products.


This division has been serving our customers need for sub assembly, assembled components, or even electric servo motors for many years. With highly skilled personnel and management team, this division has continously deliver consistent product quality to many of our brand-owner customers.

Supported by internal stamping division and internalplastic injection division, our assembly division capable of short lead-time manufacturing, without the burden of interim transportation cost. Many of our customers are reyling on our consistent quality with timely deliveries for supplies to their highly sychronous time critical production line.


Our tooling division is an advanced unit with comprehensive capabilities, from designing tooling to manucfaturing precision tooling such as mold, dies and jigs. Supported with sophisticated software, precision equipment and skilled personnel, this unit is now serving many our world class brandowner customers, designing and fabricating their percision tooling.

Moreover, with adequate in-house high percision wire-cuts, precision grinders and many other machine tools, our tooling division is capable of cutting short the laed-time from design to mass production.


The positive feel of confirmation on modern equipment, is nowadays, highly important.  Our product line provide the visual and the tactile feedback to ensure the smooth operation of your equipment. Our products ranges from automotives, electronics to office equipments. In particular, rubber switches which are touched, pushed and grapped. We have accumulated know - how for this line of products, particularly in the balance between visual design and functionality.